Capital Stud look forward to welcoming you to their third annual auction. With the 2017 auction horses reaching new heights and the 2018 auction horses developing and progressing beautifully, one can only look forward to the 2019 auction selection.
Each Capital Stud Auction is unique and authentic, with each year providing new and improved bloodlines.
This year it is the first time you will be able to acquire Capital Kronos’ progeny. Capital Colnardo fans are also in for a treat with a large selection of Colnardo offspring to choose from.
Once again Capital Stud have an incredible selection of imports available on auction, providing an opportunity for South Africans to purchase internationally recognized horses, eliminating the risks and costs involved with importing.

Try-outs will be held from 8 October – 10 November.

A non-refundable fee of *R500 is required to try out the horses. 

*Valid for up to 5 horses. 

*If you would like to try more than 5 horses, an additional R500 will be charged (Limited to an additional 5 horses).


Step 1: Book try-out online by completing the following documents.

Step 2: Kindly forward proof of payment and completed Indemnity form to

Step 3: Consult with Chelsea:

Once all the necessary forms and payments are complete, Chelsea will contact you to discuss your try-out selection. Chelsea will book your try-out times according to your selection of horses and availability.

Contact: Chelsea Oliver

084 341 2410 |

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