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The Capital Stud Legacy

Capital Stud, founded in 1998 by Henning Pretorius, is one of the best breeding studs in South Africa. The cornerstones of Capital Stud’s breeding program have always been that the use of the world’s best bloodlines, in the right combinations, will produce the world’s best sport horses, and further, that the dam possesses the highest value in the breeding programme, so imported mares and dam lines bred to top quality stallions, will produce top quality offspring. Through the application of this philosophy, the stud has been wonderfully successful, and the rewards of our dedication and commitment are starting to pay dividends.

Our years of commitment to improving South African bloodlines have ensured that Capital Stud is now recognised on the global stage with the likes of the iconic stallion, Capital Colnardo (Colman x Coronado), who is performing at the top of the sport in the USA. While the Capital Stud horses continue to turn heads at home, 2021 sees even more young Capital horses venturing onto the international circuit, and we look forward to seeing the inevitable successes promised by these youngsters.

Summerhill & Hartford House
home to Capital Stud

The Midland’s picturesque landscape is home to Summerhill, Hartford House and Capital Stud. Built on a solid foundation of breeding quality sport horses in South Africa, Summerhill Equestrian is the ideal location and set up for Capital Stud.

With Henning’s vision to continuously improve upon the breeding standards in South Africa, Summerhill was the ideal acquisition as the new home of Capital Stud. Here, he can continue developing and expanding his world-class breeding programme to optimally serve the needs of both the South African and international markets.

Whilst maintaining the heritage of the beautiful farm, Henning has tastefully renovated and upgraded the facilities creating a paradise setting for the growth and development of the up-and-coming warmblood champions.

Thank you for being part of the Capital Stud adventure.