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“Rendement had the heart of a lion” - Johan Lotter

Rendement was the most decorated stallion standing on South African soil.

By Burggraaf and out of a Zeus mare Rendement has all the scope in the world, with unrivalled carefulness. He breeds for size and rideability, and his offspring are all proving extremely agile and careful.

Rendement, who previously competed with Johan Lotter, has a remarkable competition record of his own. Having competed at the 1.60m level overseas, attending the World Equestrian Games with Johan in 2010, where he finished in 19th place, he then returned to the competition scene at the top levels here in South Africa. Rendement is a proven talent and we have been very excited to bring him into our breeding programme.

Rendement’s greatest asset was his temperament and he passes this on to all of his offspring. In Dirk Zagers words “He always wanted to go, no matter how high or how difficult the track. His offspring are exactly the same; they want to do well. They don’t overjump, they carry their rider safely from one side of the fence to the other, with intelligence, sharpness and all the scope in the world. Whether under a professional or amateur, they are serious contenders for the top.”

With his first Auction horses from 2021 throwing all the right shapes in the arena and the success of the 2022 auction collection attracting excellent reviews and prices in November 2022, the popularity of the exceptionally ridable Rendement offspring in the sport is evident.
This much-loved stallion has proven his stamp in producing quality horses with superb temperaments.  Rendement was a proven talent and we are honoured to produce his exceptional progeny.
Whichever progeny of the Rendement collection you choose, you can expect to be impressed.2021 Capital Auction Horse by Rendement2021 Capital Auction Horse by Rendement
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